We have all seen the “Buy a pair of shoes for yourself, give a pair to a kid in need.” or “Buy a shirt, and plant a tree.”

While we love the thought of providing shoes, and we are really big on trees (we happen to be avid backpackers); we thought, why not do that for the coffee industry?

If you’re new to coffee, let us sum up the problem for you in short: The families who grow the coffee that the world enjoys are hugely underpaid. This is so the cost of coffee can stay relatively low; however, it is at the expense of a livable wage for coffee growers across the world.

We have seen the issues in the coffee industry for a long time. We love coffee, we love the specialty coffee industry; the creativity we see in coffee shops all over the world, and the incredible craft that all starts at the farm.


Thats why we have aligned ourselves with Coffee Kids; who has a mission that echoes the call on our hearts; to provide a better future and reality for the growers of the crop we all know and love, and in turn a bright future for coffee itself.

We want the coffee industry and coffee culture to be a beautiful one, where everyone feels welcome, everyone feels loved, everyone feels accepted, and everyone feels taken care of. We are committed to doing our part to carry it through the coffee process, and positively impact the families who carry the coffee industry on their shoulders.

The Inked Bean is not only committed to sharing our work for you to enjoy, we want to use it to make an impact. To do so, we donate a portion of all our profits to Coffee Kids. To discover more about their cause, please visit https://www.coffeekids.org/.

As part of our responsibility of being a clothing brand and purveyor of home goods, we are also dedicated to environmentally conscious and sustainable shopping. We are pleased to say that all of our clothing is made with fair trade cotton and printed using eco-friendly DuPont Ink or Water Based NeoPigment™ Colors. We are committed to carbon neutrality, and ensure that emissions from every product shipment are offset through donations to organizations that offset carbon emissions. To view the impact your purchases make, you can click on the the Carbon Offset Details in your shopping cart.

To view the impact we have made so far, thanks to customers like you, check out our Sustainability Report Dashboard.

To see a list of all the initiatives we support through our partnership with Cloverly, check out their Offsets Dashboard